The Technology Conference & Expo aims to help attendees increase their knowledge, develop critical skills, grow their network, and enhance capacity to implement innovative technology solutions and strategies to move their organization forward.



Keep an eye on trends and leverage new approaches to evolve and revolutionize your work. This year’s education options will cover topics relating to compliance & security, project management & strategy, data exploration & analytics,  marketing & content management and digital engagement & experience. Content leaders within the community will provide high-level learning and direction on how to move your organization forward. Set your personal goals and come prepared with your personalized schedule.

Compliance & Security – Avoid risk and protect your organization.  Focus on security and privacy, and be sure your organization is compliant.

Project Management & Strategy – Transform your organization and learn to lead effectively through design thinking, agile development, and digital transformation. Gain the knowledge and new tools to move your organization forward.

Data Exploration & Analytics – Explore and analyze your data to advance your organization’s goals and mission.

Marketing & Content Management – Discover ways  marketing and managing content can  develop and distribute an exciting digital experience for your audience. Learn the latest tips and tools in marketing and content management.

Digital Engagement & Experience – In today’s world everything is digital, the way we learn, advertise, and create personalized experiences for members. Discover ways to enhance member engagement and create overall better experiences online for your audience.


Learning Levels

To help you get the best experience, we note the level of each of our sessions. Focus in on what is most relevant and beneficial to you by looking for the icons identifying the level of learning you’re looking for.

Foundational Level


Focus on awareness and factual recall; appropriate for those with limited experience of the subject area seeking introductory understanding of the content areas.

Applied Level


Focus on understanding and comprehension; appropriate for those with some experience seeking to build on, apply, or enhance existing knowledge using content in practical applications to master concepts.

Strategic Level


Focus on application and implementation of highly technical or detailed topics; appropriate for those with substantial prerequisite knowledge seeking the most up-to-date information to heighten expertise.



Earn CAE Hours

By attending the 2018 Technology Conference, you’ll earn credit hours toward certification or renewal of the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation. Please check back in September 2018 for more information on credits available for the conference as well as ancillary workshops and summit.