TEC Topic Tables - Networking Lunch

TEC Topic Tables - Networking Lunch

What better way to enjoy lunch than over informative and engaging conversations about topics that are pertinent to you! Select a table with a topic of interest and prepare to interact in industry-partner led discussions. Review the table topics and descriptions below.

The RFP process can be stressful. In great part because you know it’s the start of a big change for your association. You’re likely ready to embark on a system implementation or upgrade and the RFP can be an important step in that process. Let's discuss what to consider ahead of the RFP, what does a? feature assessment or requirements gathering look like?? How do you ask better RFP questions? When you start to get responses, how do you compare apples to oranges? Overall what are the best practice we can develop as a group for our future RFPs.

First, we'll ask attendees to give quick update on any digital transformation underway at their association so the conversation can be relevant to them. Then, we'll talk about life after launch, whether it's AMS, CRM, or LMS, which everyone hopes will be less stressful than selecting and implementation, and it can be with some of these tips in mind.

You’ve heard about an emerging new data technology for associations - the Customer Data Platform. Unlike legacy association tech, CDPs are light-touch, easy-to-use, don’t require a data migration, and are fast to implement. They help you get more insights and analytics from the data you’re already collecting in systems like your websites, AMS, CRM, LMS, marketing platforms, and more. And they make your data and organization more resilient and future-proof.Join the conversation to get answers to questions like: What does a CDP do? How does a CDP differ from an AMS or data lakes/other analytics tools? What are common association use cases for a CDP? How will my org get the most out of a CDP implementation?Can a CDP eliminate the need for (yet another) AMS migration?

An event is a point in time, but your LMS is perpetual. LMS lets your event content live on, generating revenue indefinitely.

What is marketing automation and how can it help your organization increase member engagement and improve the member experience? Join us to learn more about what it takes to integrate marketing automation with your AMS and gain insight into the solutions available in the marketplace.

Outsourcing has become a more common practice in the association industry over the last 5-10 years. Many associations have started utilizing outsourcing for additional support in areas such as information technology, cybersecurity and finance and accounting. Join us for a lively discussion covering questions that associations have about outsourcing. When should I consider outsourcing? What functions should I outsource? What are the pros and cons?

One of the lagging workforce impacts of the pandemic is the growing number of workers becoming part of the Great Resignation. Employees are resigning in record numbers, some for new and better opportunities, but a large chunk are leaving with no new employment in place. Why is this happening and what impact will it have on the association community? How is this feeding into the current war for talent? What are the best approaches for thriving and winning in the new environment?

Is there anything worse than finding the PERFECT piece of technology for your organization...but your IT spend is looking a little lackluster after a crazy year (thanks, COVID).

Join us at ASAE TEC 21 to hear Mark Sedgley, Chief Revenue Officer at Personify, talk about how to prioritize software decisions when the budget is either nonexistent or still being developed.

• How has Covid affected your IT spend?
• How do you go through your project prioritization process?
• What are some challenges that you’re evaluating for your IT spend in 2022?

Are your reports telling the right story? Can you strategize across the entire membership experience? What metrics matter most to your board of directors? Join your peers for an insightful conversation where you can ask your most pressing business intelligence and analytics questions and learn what's worked (and what hasn't work) for others in the industry.

How is your associations handling data privacy? What security issues most concern you when looking into new technology solutions? Join your peers for an insightful conversation where you can ask your most pressing security questions and learn what's worked (and what hasn't work) for others in the industry.

Are you able to obtain a complete data picture of members, transactions, activities and non-member association customers? Have you been able to automate tasks and free up time for more member-focused activities? Join your peers for an insightful conversation where you can ask your most pressing integration and automation questions and learn what's worked (and what hasn't work) for others in the industry.


Members spend 5+ hours a day on their mobile devices, and 90% of that time is on apps. Is your association leveraging a mobile app to reach your members where they are? Hear how you can communicate, engage, and provide unique value to your members:

• What it takes to deliver the right mobile app
• What type of app to choose
• How to generate revenue/ROI with your mobile app


Is a website redesign in your future? A successful website redesign starts with a well-crafted RFP. Get your questions asked and set yourself up for success as we discuss:

• Creating the best website RFP
• Budgeting for a redesign
• Choosing the right CMS
• What to include (and not) in your RFP

Hybrid events. Blended learning. VILT. These are some of the terms that surfaced post-pandemic. But what do they mean for associations and learning businesses? Does your organization have a plan in place to ensure your educational offerings are future-proofed? What tools do you need to make sure you're equipped to navigate the changing learning business landscape? Let's talk.

You understand that technology is not only a great strategic enabler but also a way to differentiate your Association or generate new revenue streams. But does your board and leadership "get it"? If you are having a difficult time elevating the technology conversation so that key leaders start thinking beyond operational tactics this is the conversation for you!

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